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Looking ahead to 2019, as I am writing this at the beginning of November 2018, there are a lot of things going on in the economy that is making it very difficult to put pricing together for 2019. Recently, the US Government imposed tariffs of 10% on a variety of items that we carry, as we are sitting here now we are under the impression that these items, as well as others, have a very good chance to go up to a 25% increase. With this said, we are looking at other options for various items. since most items are still not produced in the USA; the 10-25% increases still will not bring most items home to be made here.

You may get this catalog a little late since we are waiting on the US Government to officially impose the tariffs and will be sending it to print end of December. I will then have a better handle on the pricing into 2019.

On a Different note, we will be introducing our new PVC frame prehung doors and they should be available approximately April 1st. We believe that our paintable PVC trim will be a lifetime lasting part of your prehung doors.

Our new roll out ridge vent on page 17 has a much lower price and is now made in the USA. Another great note is that we have been issued two patents on our items, the first being the Apple Glider Arms in yellow zinc and zinc, see pg 45. The other, located on page 11, is our Chicken Coop Window with PVC coated wire. This window opens and closes from the outside and is durable enough that other animals cannot break through the wire to get into the coop.

We thank you for your business in 2018 and look forward to 2019!

Dave Often
General Manager

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This short video provides helpful information on choosing and installing a window, including the following:

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